Ad-free, private search engine with customizable results and zero-trace private mode.

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Customized search, multi-dimensional interface, personalization with 150+ apps, data privacy, mobile apps, developer portal, private search, YouCode, YouStudy, YouSocial, newsletter, YouChat, YouWrite, YouImagine

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The AI Search Engine You Control, called, offers a personalized search experience while ensuring 100% data privacy.

The interface allows users to discover more in less time with a multi-dimensional layout that supports horizontal and vertical scrolling.

Users can customize their search experience by integrating over 150 apps such as StackOverflow, Medium, Amazon, and Twitter. prioritizes user privacy by offering a search engine free of tracking and invasive ads.

Users can provide feedback, join the community, and access terms and privacy information. provides resources like getting started guides, a blog, help center, and FAQ.
Mobile apps for iOS and Android are available.

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