AI-powered content curation for focused and relevant information. Customized feed for tracking industries, trends, and markets.

Features :

Mobile reading application, distraction-free reader, customized feed, AI recommendations, unlimited personalized waves, highlight articles.

Price :

Try free, $8.99/month or $84.99/year

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Waverly is a mobile reading application that allows users to discover relevant content from sources they wouldn’t find elsewhere.

The platform offers a distraction-free reader and the ability to highlight articles from your mobile device.

This tool provides a customized feed that lets users track industries, trends, and markets, reading articles that matter from sources they would not find elsewhere.

The platform’s AI learns from the links users share and from the feedback they give, analyzing 10,000 sources, including specialized publications, blogs, and newsletters.

It allows users to create unlimited personalized waves and enjoy AI recommendations on all their waves with the Pro plan.

The platform also offers a Business plan with additional features like private waves for teams, expert support for wave creation, continuous prompt engineering by supercurators, and weekly insights digest.

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