Create and optimize landing pages for small businesses with AI insights to boost conversions.

Features :

AI-powered landing page creation, smart builder, smart traffic, smart copy, apps and integrations, support for various marketing channels, solutions for various business types.

Price :

Unbounce offers a free 14-day trial. Starts at $80/month

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Unbounce is an AI-powered platform that helps businesses grow by creating and optimizing landing pages.

The platform offers a smart builder, smart traffic, and smart copy products, along with apps and integrations.

Allows users to build landing pages, popups, and sticky bars, and provides personalized recommendations for optimization.

The platform offers AI copywriting tools to generate, remix, and expand content for various marketing campaigns.

It routes visitors to the best landing page for their profile, resulting in an average of 30% more sales and signups.

Supports search ads, social media, and email marketing, and offers solutions for ecommerce, SaaS, agencies, small businesses, B2B marketing, and professional services.

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