Fully managed cloud-based Automatic1111 for AI-generated art creation

Features :

Cloud-based Stable Diffusion running, fully managed service, automatic AI operations, smart timer, Deforum integration.

Price :

Starting at $0.50/hr with 15 minutes free.

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RunDiffusion is a cloud-based platform that allows users to run Stable Diffusion, an AI tool, without needing a PC with a solid graphics card.

The platform offers a fully managed service, where users pay as they go and forget about credits.

RunDiffusion provides features such as automatic AI operations, saving time by letting the platform handle installations, updates, and error handling.

The platform also offers a smart timer to prevent users from leaving their server on all night, protecting them from expensive overcharges.

It is also equipped with Deforum, a tool for creating videos, preloaded on all servers.

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