Prisma Editor

Prisma Editor | Visualize and Edit Prisma Schemas

Features :

Prisma schema visualization and editing, real-time database structure visualization, direct schema editing, schema sharing, intuitive interface, SQL code generation, OpenAI integration.

Price :

This platform is free to use.

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Prisma Editor is a powerful tool that allows users to visualize and edit Prisma schemas with ease.

The platform provides real-time visualization and editing capabilities for your Prisma schema.

Users can see their database structures in real-time as they create, modify, and maintain them.

The platform allows direct schema editing from the graph and sharing of the schema with a link for collaboration.

Prisma Editor features an intuitive interface for easy schema editing and management, automatic SQL code generation for your schema, and OpenAI integration for generating boilerplate schema code using natural language prompts.

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