Hyper-personalized icebreakers for cold outreach, enhancing email personalization and response rates.

Features :

AI personalization assistant, lead research, hyper-personalized icebreakers, CRM and email sequence integrations, Reach Triggers, flexible subscriptions.

Price :

Starter plan at $49/month, Growth plan at $99/month,

Post Updated, or Reach, is an AI personalization assistant that helps sales reps research their leads faster by aggregating data from multiple sources.

The platform generates hyper-personalized icebreakers for each lead, which can be added to emails to increase their effectiveness.

Reach integrates with CRM and email sequencing tools, allowing for a seamless workflow.

The platform offers a feature called Reach Triggers, which automatically monitors leads and notifies users when something relevant happens.

Offers a flexible subscription model, with options to suit different needs and budgets.

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