The most realistic and versatile AI speech software, ever. Eleven brings the most compelling, rich and lifelike voices to creators and publishers seeking the ultimate tools for storytelling.

Features :

Offers realistic AI voice synthesis, text to speech, customizable voice cloning, dubbing, multi-language support, and high-quality audio output for personalized and voiceovers

Price :

free 10,000 characters per month, $5/month, $11/month, $99/month

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What is ElevenLabs?

ElevenLabs is an AI voice generator that converts text to natural-sounding speech. It uses advanced deep learning models to generate realistic voices across 29 languages and over 120 voices. Whether for videos, audiobooks, or AI assistants, ElevenLabs offers customizable, high-quality vocal outputs catered to content creators, writers, businesses.

Key Features:

  • Natural Text to Speech: Generates lifelike speech indistinguishable from human voices with realistic intonation and emotions.
  • Multilingual Support: Supports 29 languages, including English, Chinese, Spanish, French, and more, with diverse accents.
  • Voice Customization: Adjust voice outputs through an intuitive interface, controlling vocal clarity, stability, and stylistic elements.
  • Voice Cloning: Create unique synthetic voices mimicking real voices or designed from scratch using Voice Design.
  • Voice Library: Access a collection of custom voices created by the community.
  • Projects: Workflow for directing and editing long-form audio like audiobooks and videos.

Who is Using ElevenLabs?

  • Content Creators: Generate voiceovers, dialogues, and narrations for videos on platforms like YouTube and TikTok. Authors and Publishers: Produce audiobook versions of written works with natural-sounding narration.
  • Businesses: Create AI chatbots, IVR systems, and promotional materials with human-like voices.
  • Game Developers: Voice characters, NPCs, and narration for immersive gaming experiences.

Use Cases:

  • Video Production: Generate voiceovers, narrations, and character dialogues for videos, films, and animations.
  • Audiobook Creation: Convert written works into lifelike audiobooks with the ability to switch between multiple voices and languages.
  • AI Assistants: Develop natural-sounding AI chatbots and virtual assistants with customizable voices.
  • Localization and Dubbing: Localize content into multiple languages with precise control over translations, timing, and voiceovers.


  • High-Quality Output: Generates natural-sounding speech indistinguishable from human voices, with realistic intonation and emotions.
  • Multilingual Support: Supports a wide range of languages and accents, making content accessible globally.
  • Customizable Voices: Offers a vast library of customizable voices and the ability to create unique synthetic voices.


  • Limited Free Plan: The free plan allows only 10,000 characters per month, which may be limiting for some users.
  • Potential for Misuse: Like any AI technology, there is a risk of misuse for malicious purposes.

Summary of ElevenLabs:

ElevenLabs AI Voice Generator is a powerful tool that harnesses advanced deep learning models to generate natural-sounding speech across multiple languages and accents. With its intuitive interface, users can customize voice outputs, create unique synthetic voices, and access a library of community-created voices. Whether for content creation, audiobook production, AI assistants, or localization, ElevenLabs offers versatile solutions tailored to diverse needs. While the free plan has limitations, its paid plans provide scalable options for individuals and businesses seeking high-quality, AI-generated vocal outputs.

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