Collection of the best ChatGPT prompts for various categories.

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Hundreds of ChatGPT prompts, categorized fields, user submission of prompts, diverse roles for AI, newsletter on AI trends.

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This platform is free to use.

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The platform provides hundreds of prompts for the ChatGPT model.

Prompts are categorized into various fields such as writing, music, marketing, health, gaming, fun, education, cooking, and coding.

Users can submit their favorite prompts on the platform.

The platform features a selection of prompts for different purposes, such as writing a welcome email, summarizing a paragraph, or writing a Google Ad description.

The website also offers a newsletter to stay updated on the latest AI trends and learn how to incorporate AI in business.

The platform provides a wide range of prompts for different roles that an AI can act as, such as a Solr Search Engine, an Emergency Response Professional, a Senior Frontend Developer, a Web Browser, a PHP Interpreter, and many more.

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