Fast and fun team collaboration on reports, docs, and internal tools with live data.

Features :

Task-specific AI deployment, variety of apps, support for powerful models, video and audio support, large text support, custom apps and integrations.

Price :

Free plan with 50 monthly credits. Pro plan at $24/month

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AirOps is an AI platform that allows users to deploy task-specific AI with AirOps Apps.

The platform offers a variety of apps, including Text Analysis, Content Generation, and Data, which can be installed and configured in minutes.

Supports powerful models like GPT-4 and Claude, and offers features like video and audio support, large text support, and custom apps and integrations for enterprise users.

The platform is scalable and available everywhere, and it has raised $7 million to bring large language models to solve important problems.

Also offers a Chrome and Firefox extension, CSV bulk upload, and GSheets integration for Pro users.

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